Extending your IT department’s capabilities

Co-managed services allow internal IT departments to extend their capabilities through a partnership approach, leveraging CareWorx expertise to augment the key areas of service, support and automation they need. Integrated remote monitoring and management helps increase productivity by automating manual processes and tasks while solving issues proactively.

We offer management of your desktops, servers and infrastructure to ensure that you are fully covered.

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Remote Monitoring and Management

We offer Remote Monitoring and Management as-a-service where we manage it for you but also as a tool your own IT department can implement. Our remote monitor and management is a powerful IT platform providing deep insight in even the most complex networks allowing you or us to manage and automate all of IT from a single dashboard.

Many organizations rely on remote control tools which provide basic monitoring and very limited management capabilities. These remote-control tools lack the ability to truly monitor and manage your network. A true remote monitoring and management solution will give you full visibility along with the ability to manage your entire IT infrastructure. In addition to the monitoring our tools allow for patch management, anti-virus protection, backup along with many other key integrations your business relies on.

Increase Productivity

Productivity and end user satisfaction will both increase as you implement the right managed services. Managed services will increase your organizations efficiencies by dealing with incidents in a proactive manner rather than reactive. A single pane of glass view through our platform gives us the ability to proactively solve your issues before they start to affect productivity. The result is no downtime resulting in better end user satisfaction and overall increased productivity.

Our reporting tools will provide you with detailed executive summary reports on all issues giving you insight into your IT operations like never before – delivering better service and improving your organizations efficiency.

IT Automation

Within our managed services our powerful automation engine allows you to develop powerful policies that solve your most critical and labor intensive problems. In today’s IT landscape, it’s time to evolve your IT processes and operations with automation reducing human errors while decreasing costs.

Automation allows you to do more with your existing staff and deploy policy-based automation with proactive remediation to increase productivity. Automate deployment of software, manage patches, control identity and access, and proactively resolve issues across your complete environment with the push of a button.

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