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Modernize while saving costs: What IT Management Automation can do for you!

Recorded on Tues., Dec. 12th, 2017

  1. Do you have full visibility into your IT?
  2. Can you really say you are proactive?
  3. Are you forced to use disparate tools?
  4. Are you still spending time doing things manually?
  5.  Are mundane IT tasks taking you away from bigger projects?

If you answered ‘Yes‘ to at least 2 of these questions you need to watch this webinar!

Stop spending your time fighting fires and become truly proactive while demonstrating true value to your company.  In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Use drag & drop automation without the need to code
  • Communicate with executives through reporting for service level compliance, expenditure justification, and capacity planning
  • Leverage automation capabilities for manual tasks such as patch, desktop/server maintenance, backup of network configurations
  • Eliminate down time for good while increasing efficiency
  • Optimize and support multi office environments and mobile workers

We have helped many organizations grow without adding additional technical employees. You will be amazed at the powerful monitoring, management, automation platform we will walk you through. Our tool even has built in reporting designed to give you instant ROI.

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A Look into IT Service Management (ITSM) Today – Webinar Series

July 27 | August 17 | September 19

Join us for our 3 part educational webinar series designed to give you a clear picture of IT Service Management today. We will uncover why you should consider modernizing your service desk, what are key considerations, benefits along with the options currently available on the market. This series will give you a clear understanding of the technology and industry allowing you to be informed to make the right decisions for your organization’s success.

Every attendee will receive coffee on us! We will send every attendee a Starbucks Card.

Part 1: IT Service Management 101: A look at the evolution of ITSM and what it mean
Recorded on Thursday July 27th

This introductory webinar will take a step back and define IT Service Management. Our presenters will educate you on what IT service management means today and review the life cycle of this technology. Like any other technologies things change at light speed within the ITSM space things are no different.

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Part 2: ITSM: Moving Beyond Ticketing & Embracing Change for the Better
Recorded on Thursday August 17, 2017

This webinar is the 2nd in our 3 part series that will uncover why IT departments need to embrace change in order to gain efficiencies that come with implementing a modern solution.  Our presenters will show you how a modern ITSM solution can scale to meet your needs not only for today but also tomorrow.

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Part 3: IT Service Management “As-a-Service” – the Latest Hype in the ITSM Space
Recorded on Tuesday, September 19, 2017

This third webinar in our series will focus on the revolution of technology as a service wave that is taking place today. More and more technologies are now available as a service, opening the door for organizations of all sizes to gain access to enterprise-level solutions at a lower cost with faster implementation time.


Customer Talk – How We Improved End-User Experience with Service Desk

Recorded on June 8, 2017

CareWorx Service Desk provides a co-managed program that solves over 90% of 1st level incidents. Available as a 24/7 solution we minimize downtime allowing your staff to focus on your business. Our Service Desk offering is more than just a help desk outsourcing solution. We are an IT company and have the technical knowledge to ensure your end-users receive an exceptional support experience. 

Don’t just take our word for it, join our “Customer Talk” webinar and hear from a real-life customer. Our customer will share her experience and will be open to answer any questions you may have. 


CareWorx: The Power of ITSM – Now You Too Can Have It All!

Recorded on April 6, 2017

If you have looked at Service Now as an ITSM solution but turned away because you couldn’t afford the investment or lacked the expertise to implement the solution, look again….

You can now take advantage of the great technology behind ServiceNow for as little as $1125/month.

At CareWorx, we deliver a managed ServiceNow instance that is deployed as a SaaS offering, so you can have set-up in days at a fraction of the cost! This eliminates the need to hire experts to implement your solution and the added administration and training costs of ownership.

  • Cost effective – quick return on investment
  • Painless and straightforward – easy setup and onboarding
  • Fully Customizable – like putting together Lego blocks.

You can now take advantage of all the features and functions that Fortune 500 companies are leveraging to take their service desk to the next level.

Join our webinar and find out about our offering and how you can start benefiting from our offering as many other companies like yours are already taking advantage of.


CareWorx & Pink Elephant: Business Focused Support: Reducing Unplanned Work & Increasing Customer Value

Recorded on February 1, 2017

Positive customer engagement and building brand loyalty is highly dependent on providing effective and efficient product support. However many organizations struggle to accomplish these goals due to lack of time, resources and the reactive nature of their support processes. In this informative webinar Troy DuMoulin, VP of R&D at Pink Elephant, will describe how the ITIL processes of Incident and Problem Management have different objectives and how both can improve key customer success metrics. As a secondary benefit these two processes working together effectively reduce the percentage of unplanned work enabling your organization to focus on higher value work.

Key takeaways from this webinar include:
•The differences between Incident Management (Service Restoration) and Problem Management (Structured Problem Solving)
•How Incident Management practices can improve your ability to meet customer service level agreements
•How Problem Management reduces overall incident volumes and increases system stability and availability
•How both processes are critical to enable business focused support


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Managed IT Services & Service Desk Solutions

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