Senior Care End-User Devices

Technology Specifically Designed for Senior Care Environments

For more than 13 years, CareWorx has worked with forward thinking clients and partners to push the advancement of technology in the senior care market. Our end-user devices are designed, tested and proven to withstand the harsh environments of senior care facilities. From knocks and bumps to 24-hour a day use, CareWorx products remain some of the most reliable in the industry.

Point of Care

With more than 60,000 touch screens deployed in senior care across North America, we’ve got you covered.



Cut your med pass time to fractions with eMAR tablets mounted on your med carts and dramatically reduce the number of errors.


Mobile Stations

Taking your technology with you is the most efficient way to capture data. Using mobile computing carts makes documenting easy.


Experience to Ensure You Succeed

An industry leader, with more than 60,000 point of care screens being used every day across North America, CareWorx is dedicated to your success and is here to help find the best technology to meet your needs.

CarePoint eMAR tablets are tested and certified to run whichever electronic medical administration record software you’ve got deployed in your organization. We also fully back and support our tablets with a team of dedicated, experienced and ridiculously friendly service agents.

Our help desk and product experts can also quickly identify deficiencies in your current technology infrastructure that could delay or stall your eMAR implementation. We’re not in the business of simply filling orders. We’re dedicated to your success.