Data Backup & Business Continuity

Protection from Data Loss and Downtime

Costs associated with data loss, and resulting downtime, can be insurmountable.  Regular data backup is a must for organizations, but proper planning should be done to ensure that your business can continue in the face of disaster. True business continuity is the ability to to keep your business-critical functions operational during any kind of disruptive incident – from natural disasters to employee error and everything in between

CareWorx offers business continuity solutions of all shapes and sizes: on-premise, Cloud-based or hybrid that fit unique needs and budgets. CareWorx can guide you towards an effective solution to ensure uptime in the face of disaster and to best protect your invaluable data assets.

Business Continuity Resources

Online Guide

Is your company prepared for disaster? Can it bounce back from crisis?

Business Continuity Online Guide

Downtime Cost Calculator 

How much would downtime cost your organization?

Downtime Calculator

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