Security & Protection

Protect Your Business From Malicious Activity

When you provide employees anytime, anywhere access to data and information, network security is critical. While you want your team to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of the anytime, anywhere approach to doing business, you also don’t want to expose your network to increased security threats, to invasive software attacks and intruder access.

CareWorx Security & Protection solutions help protect the overall usability, integrity and safety of your network and data by protecting the numerous devices that access it.  Inadequate protection exposes businesses to malicious activity like ransomware attacks, viruses, hackers and data loss. It takes only one infected and un-patched machine to bring your entire network down. A Security & Protection solution can eliminate those fears with an ongoing anti-virus and patch management service.

Comprehensive security management is concentrated in three areas of exploitation – perimeter, remote access and end-users. The service consists of:

  • Virus Protection & Remediation – Provides advanced virus, spyware and malware prevention to protect your organization from costly downtime due to virus outbreaks.
  • Patch Management – Protects corporate and remote users through a fully automated or targeted approach. This provides criticality assessments of vulnerabilities through continuous monitoring and analysis.
  • Patch Distribution – Protects resources through automated or targeted distribution of patches, monitors distribution status, performs root cause analysis and develops fixes along with monthly patch compliance reporting.

Additional Benefits

CareWorx Security & Protection solutions enable you to consolidate multiple stand-alone IT and security management tools into one. Moving to a CareWorx solution means you simply subscribe to a service. You don’t have to buy, install, configure and monitor multiple tools.

  • Safeguard your network infrastructure with 24×7 Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)– Proactive monitoring and management of your network stops issues before they become time-consuming, expensive problems.
  • Integrated reporting for insight into the health of your systems – Access management & reporting functions from a central system.
  • Consolidate tools – One automated subscription to meet your security needs, rather than managing and staying up to date on multiple tools being pushed out to every machine accessing your network.

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