To ITSM or not to ITSM, that is the Challenge

By Marco La Vecchia, VP Sales Careworx

I have spoken to many companies lately who are facing the dilemma of how to deliver better IT Support to their customers.  It’s not always a simple, straightforward task!

The challenge facing many mid-market organizations these days is this:

  • do we continue using spreadsheets or cheap tools that don’t quite make the grade, or
  • do we invest in a real IT Service Management (ITSM) technology.

The struggle is real.

On the one hand, it definitely seems easier to keep the status quo on how you support customers or staff  — to keep muddling through with what you’ve got – whether it works or not. Change is hard – we get it.

On the other hand, organizations making the leap to a real ITSM solution like ServiceNow realize how critical having the right platform is to their business when it comes to Asset, Change and Incident Management. Without it, organizations would have no way to effectively drive Continual Service Improvement.

So what’s the challenge? Why aren’t more organizations taking that step?

  • Are the available solutions not up to par? (Nope – there are world-class technologies available.)
  • Do organizations not have enough time to implement new solutions? (Terrible excuse – but can be a factor)

The biggest roadblocks we hear about?

  • Cost, cost, cost, and
  • We don’t have our processes mapped out.

So how as an organization do you resolve this? Let’s use the best ITSM platform in the world, ServiceNow, as an example.  You need a lot of money to buy it, 6-9 months to roll it out, a team of highly paid system admins to ensure the processes are in line with the business, etc etc. So, it’s a solution for the big companies on the block – those who can afford all that.

So what are smaller, mid-sized organizations to do? They still need to deliver the best IT services they can.

Often they don’t even consider the best solution out there – not even worth contemplating. Or even worse, they look for the cheaper solution, which might not meet their needs and likely will cost then more money (and frustration) in the long run.

So what’s the alternative? Up until now there hasn’t been one. But CareWorx has a solution that makes ServiceNow a reality for mid-market businesses, removing the major barriers to getting true ITSM – it’s called Grand Central.

  • Enterprise level ServiceNow,
  • Rapid Deployment,
  • Pre-configured services, and
  • a monthly fee.

To ITSM or not to ITSM – I think we just answered the question.

Want more information? Visit CareWorx Grand Central.

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